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No kittens, but...

No new kittens today, but per a note from my friend at the shelter, Benji was adopted! I am now officially completely kittenless again. I'm glad I went to see the little guy yesterday.


Catching Up

I'm seriously behind on posting! I took Benji and Bailey back to the shelter about 2 weeks ago because really what they needed was to be exposed to more people, they'd made as much progress as they were going to make with me, and also I was sick & needed to stop spending all of my time in the kitten room.

A little less than a week later I managed to drop in to see them, just as a young couple were deciding whether to adopt Benji or Bailey. They chose Bailey, I think they liked grey kittens better. They took the extensive instruction sheet I gave them and I was able to tell them a little bit about her, so I'm hoping it works out for them. Both kittens were doing better at the shelter than I expected - when I walked in that day they were sharing a bowl of wet food in their hidey-box and purring and enjoying themselves very much.

After Bailey went out I spent some time with Benji, and he seemed happy enough. He was always more outgoing than she was. A young boy, around 9 or so, came in and stood there (one of my shelter friends had moved the hidey-box up to eye level on the play structure in there, a genius move that helped the kittens feel more secure since little kids can't just come in and grab them) with his arm in the box for 10 minutes or so just petting Benji. After he left I looked in at Benji and he was completely blissed out.

Staff says he's doing well. He doesn't come out a lot when other people are in the room, but he does come out. I got there today finally and he started purring before I even touched him. I hauled him out of the box - he didn't want to come, but once I had him in my arms and gave him some treats, he settled down and we had a good cuddle time. A lady even came in and petted him while we were snuggling and although he looked up when she came in, he did stay with me and accept petting. When he was done with our cuddle, he stayed out and started roaming around the room investigating his toys.

I have photos, I'll have to post them when I have more time. But I finally got the kitten room totally cleaned out, and today the shelter tells me they're getting 10 new kittens tomorrow, so I may wind up with some of them. Apparently it's 2 litters and they don't know how old or what shape they're in or how social they are, so we'll see. I have other fostering friends with empty kitten rooms too, so we could spread them out if needed.


A Quick Update

Just a quick note to let you know that Beth was adopted just before Thanksgiving, and Beanie and Bertha were adopted the day after Thanksgiving. I thought about stopping in to see them on the Friday but had a cold all week & didn't want to spread my germs all over, so I missed them. Oh well!

Bailey and Benji are doing well here. They have become extremely sweet and love to cuddle up next to me for naps, to be petted and to nibble on my fingers. However, they don't like being held very much and I'm still pretty convinced they're not going to "show well" at the shelter. I'll make signs for them explaining their special needs but I think they're both going to be timid cats their whole lives and it'll take someone special to want them as pets. I'm planning to take them in on Sunday afternoon so I can spend a little time with them, and then the shelter is closed on Monday so they'll have a little more time to get used to the place before people start grabbing at them. It's definitely time for them to go back; if I hadn't been sick last week I might have taken them in then, I'm really just stalling now because I'm sad thinking about how much they're going to hate being at the shelter.

On the home front, using the slow feed bowl has reduced Yofi's vomiting to once a week or less, and so far his fur isn't matting up on the current food, so fingers crossed there.

That's all there's time for today; I need to take some new photos of the kittens, they've gotten so big! I'll try to post something this weekend.


Happy new home, Benny!

In a surprise move, Benny was adopted yesterday. I really expected Beth to go first, but there you are! So, he was up for adoption for less than a day, which is pretty good for a barn kitten. I'm hoping to go in and see the rest of them on Saturday. The shelter closes at 4:30 in the winter and I just plain can't get there during the week.

The other two are fine. I think Benji is finally starting to realize that petting is nice, and Bailey has been much more willing to come close to me, although I'm still not allowed to touch unless she's eating her wet food. I think once Benji gives in, Bailey will follow quickly.

Now that I'm spending more time with Benji and getting to be up close with him, I am realizing what an FLK he is (Funny Lookin' Kitten). He has a long, skinny neck, a tiny face, great big round eyes and enormous ears. I keep trying to think what he reminds me of. He looks kind of like a Sphinx with fur on, they have those same kinds of faces and body types.

That's our news for the day. On the home front, I introduced the slow feed bowl on Monday night and so far no vomiting from Yofi. Now we just have to wait and see if his fur starts matting up again, because then I'd have to find a new food they could both eat.


Down to Two

The kittens had their spay/neuter today, so I'm down to two kittens in the kitten room. Benji turned out to be a double cryptorchid, so they had to do abdominal surgery to neuter him, the silly boy. He had me a bit worried this evening as he seemed to have a tic involving his head and shoulders and didn't seem to be feeling well, but they did say they'd just finished with him a little while before I picked him up so he was still coming out of it. It's been such a long time since I've had post-op kittens in the house I've forgotten what's normal. He seems better now but I'll definitely keep a sharp eye on him. He seemed to be paying quite a bit of attention to his tummy so I'll need to watch his incision.

That's it for now. Hopefully I'll have lots of adoptions to report soon.


Time to Move On... for Some

I had to go to my company's Dallas office for a few days at the end of October, where I acquired the company cold, which is part of why it's been so quiet lately. The night before I left for the trip, Beanie, Benny, and Bertha all truly let me pet them while they were awake and alert for the first time. I thought, "Oh great, now I'll leave for three days and they'll forget everything." A friend who also fosters looked in on them a couple of times a day and sat with them a while. She said they didn't want to be handled but they did come out of hiding and play while she was in the room. And when I got back, I sat down on the futon and in about 2 minutes had 4 kittens in my lap.

So they've been making great progress. We've spent the last week working on meeting more new people and on being picked up and held. We had a batch of perfectly nice kittens who were at the shelter for 2 years because despite being social, they would freak out if picked up, so I wanted to work on that some with this bunch. They've done pretty well with it, they're sometimes just too busy to be held, but they've been letting me do it. And earlier this week my mother came over, and yesterday my youngest niece and nephew, and the "bold 4" did very well with them too. Mom was able to pick up Beth and Benny, and she got the four of them playing with her shoelaces. My niece and nephew were able to pick up Beth, Benny, and Bertha. Beanie came out to play but was a little more elusive.

On Tuesday all 6 go to the shelter to be fixed, and those four will stay at the shelter to go up for adoption. Benji and Bailey will come back home for some more work. They've both been making some progress but I can't pet either of them yet, much less pick them up, and the other four have been getting in the way - it's hard to lure Benji to me for treats when Bertha swoops in and takes the treat from my fingers. So it's time to separate them.

Photos...Collapse )I am looking forward to having fewer kittens, six is a lot and my own cats are complaining about being under-snuggled. On the home front, Yofi is still vomiting an average of once a day after eating. He's on a food I'm 99% sure he's not allergic to and has been for about 2 months now, so food allergies are probably not the problem. Mom gave me a different kind of slow feed bowl the other day, I may put them both back on Boudicca's food using that bowl. I don't think it's that he eats too quickly - he's always still working on his when Boudicca is finished - but he may not realize when he's full. The slow feed bowl should help with that, and free feeding again may help as well because he won't feel like he has to eat as much as he can while the food is there. I'm now positing that it has something to do with his weight, as he's never been this heavy before. If I do switch him to the other food, I'll also need to start looking again for something that doesn't have any of anybody's allergens in it & is still healthy for Boudicca, in case his fur starts to mat up again. Such fun!


Quick Update

This latest round of vaccinations doesn't seem to have hit the kittens as hard as the previous one. They're so much bigger and healthier this time around, I'm sure that helped. They were pretty tired for several hours, and they were quieter than usual today and not eating as much, but they were eager for treats and for their wet food. Beth was the least affected by the last vaccination and has been almost herself this time around. I hear the sound of chaos in there right now, so I think they've fully snapped out of it.

Yay! Because we used to do 3 sets of vaccinations 2 weeks apart, but now we're doing them every 2 weeks until the kittens are 20 weeks old, so we're going to be doing this a while.


Slow but Steady

Long pause there. Seems like all I do these days is work, take care of the kittens, and feed my own cats.

On the home front, Yofi is still vomiting about every other day. He had a vet visit - it took me 20 minutes to get him into the carrier and then he yowled and panted with his mouth open all the way to the vet, all during the visit, and all the way home. He was so distressed we tried to keep the exam short. He was a good boy aside from the distress, didn't offer to bite or scratch. He now weighs nearly 15 pounds, so he's gained a bit, which may actually be a good thing as it kinda rules out kidneys. The vet thinks I should continue with the food testing for another month, and if it hasn't worked yet, try another foods. Right now I'm feeding the cats separately about every 3 hours during the day, because Yofi seems to vomit mainly when he eats too much at once. Needless to say I'm hoping at least the every 3 hours part is temporary although I know they'll probably never be able to eat the same food again.

The vet also put a Woods lamp on that spot by his eye and he didn't glow. A few days later I found a little scab there that made it plain he'd been scratching himself. He had a mat shaved from between his front legs, poor boy, but it was a good thing we did because the skin under it was discolored. That seems to be the last of the horrible mats he got all summer, I am thinking the diet change helped.

On to kittens. The spot on Bertha's head has healed up and filled in, so our ringworm fears are allayed. They had their vax 2 weeks ago and it did indeed hit them hard. They were down for about 24 hours and at least two of them were screaming when their siblings touched them. Nothing I could do, as they wanted nothing to do with me, so I couldn't even cuddle them up against me the way I did with Violet. They had another vax this afternoon and it's very, very quiet in there now, so I think we're in for another round.

Stories and photos....Collapse )
That's the story for now. I'll try to do another update in less than 2 weeks.


The B2 Kits

I meant to post about the B2 kits much earlier but it's been a very busy week, not least because of having 6 kittens with diarrhea in the house.

First off, I did get the news this morning that Violet has been adopted. Yay! She was a cutie, and it's nice to know you can still get a black kitten adopted quickly. I took her in for her spay Tuesday, cleaned the kitten room, and picked up the B2 kits after work.

It turns out there are 6 of them, not 5, as the lady who brought them in came back later with an extra one. Probably couldn't catch them all on the first go. They are surprisingly wild. They're about 7 or 8 weeks old now, and had been at the shelter a bit less than a week when I got them and had made no progress to speak of.

Read more, and photosCollapse )
So, for now it's keeping an eye on Bertha's and Yofi's suspicious spots and watching everybody as closely as I can to see if anyone else develops spots, and changing clothes & shoes going in & out of the room. They go in for their 2nd vax on Wednesday. I've started them on lysine as of last night, I would have liked to start them earlier but haven't wanted to do anything that might make their diarrhea worse. But we'll see if the vaccinations hit them as hard as they hit Violet and a number of other kittens I've heard about. I hope not, and I hope the lysine will help just to boost them a little, but if it does hit them hard it might be an opportunity. If they let me nurse them through it they might feel more kindly towards me. We'll see. I'll try to post later this week, but 8 cats and a job seem to be taking up all of my time.

More Violet

Violet is going in tomorrow morning for her spay. I never did get 7-week photos but I'll post her 8-week ones here. She's not gaining a great deal of weight but she is gaining & is approximately 2 lb., and the sooner we get her out there the better - the smaller the black kitten, the more likely to be adopted, and she is pretty cute.

Read more...Collapse )
Overall she's a nice little kitten and quite cute, but I'm not really having trouble parting with her. I never have liked female cats as well as male cats, that may be part of it.

When the shelter called today to set up Violet's spay, they said they have a litter of 5 ferals, about 5 to 6 weeks old. So, I'll have a look at them tomorrow when I take Violet in, and if they seem like something I can handle (e.g. if they all have eyes crusted shut and green noses, or horrific diarrhea, that's not going to work with my schedule) I'll get the room cleaned up and bring them home that afternoon. We'll see. Apparently one of them bites, so they're my kind of kittens.



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